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This tea is perfect fitotherapic measure; this is especially effective tea which "burns" fat. The tea contains about 400 useful elements:
vitamins: E, D, C, K, PP, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12; micro-elements: calcium, phosphorus, iron, fluorine, iod, magnium, manganese, zinc and selenium. Manganese stimulates the concentration of vitamin C in organism and this increases the resistance of the organism to oncologic diseases many times. Weight-reducing tea is made under the recommendations of traditional Chinese medicine specialists and it is intended for people having problems with their weight.

The main components of "TIANSHI" tea are the following: the tea "Black Dragon" or the tea "Kudin" (botanical name is Cornutae Latifoliae), the leaves of lotus, toros of cassia, the water-plantain, the seeds of rhubarb and mandarin peels. While producing this tea the technological parameters were strictly observed

The tea has the anti-tumorous properties. It significantly reduces the risk of tumors in small and large intestine, stomach, stimulates the resorption of intestine barnacle and uterine fibroma. The tea helps the organism to eliminate pathological cells, strengthens the walls of vessels, and normalizes the arteric blood pressure as well as fat metabolism. It is effective having swellings under the eyes, reducing pigmental spots on the skin, stimulates the functions of spleen and all these are the factors on which the peptic function and reclamation of nourishment depend. It eliminates the spots, reduces the amount of lipids, reduces weight, improves the action of spleen and dambs the intestine. "TIANSHI" tea is tested with animals and people and its characteristic to reduce weight was proved. Its quality does not change, no side effects were noticed, and this tea is easy to apply. Plenty of people use this weight-reducing tea, because that it is perfect measure to reduce an extra weight.

Clinical practice proved that the main components of "TIANSHI" tea, "Black Dragon" and "Kudin" reduces the fever and inflammation, eliminates bacterias, represses the cough, normalizes the functions of stomach, improves the alimentary tract, gives the freshness, gives tone, helps to reduce weight, protects from the impact of radioactive emission, reduces the amount of lipids and cholesterol in blood and has anti cancerous properties.

Leaves of lotus block the bleeding broaden the vessels and thus reduce the arteric blood pressure. They reduce the fever, refresh and stimulate the energy.
The seeds of cassia chill a little and are sweetly bitter. These seeds may slow the expansion of serous cholesterol and formation of sclerotic discs. They reduce the amount of lipids in the blood.

The water-plantain is sweetish frigorific plant. It separates fat and reduces the amount of substances that is necessary for cholesterol synthesis, regulates the amount of lipids in blood and prevents the artheric sclerosis.
"TIANSHI" weight-reducing tea effectively regulates the functions of the organism, accelerates the separation of fat and helps to reduce the overweight

Main Ingredients : Folium Nelumbinis, Cassia Seed, Oolong Tea, Alisol, Broadleaf Holly Leaf, Rhubarb, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae


• Overweight.
• Detoxification of the organism (the elimination of spots, toxins, heavy metal soils, radionuclidus, etc. from the organism).
• Atherosclerosis and other disorders of cholesterin metabolism.
• Hypertonic disease.
• The diseases of alimentary tract.
• As anti-inflammatory, fever reducing and bactericidal measure.
• The syndrome of chronic fatique.
• Hypoimmune condition.
• Laudable tumours - polyp, uterine fibroma, mastopatia and prostate adenoma.
• Canceroid tumors in alimentary tract and urogenital system.

Contraindications: Unadvisable for children and pregnant women


Put 1 sachet of slimming tea in 0,5 - 1 liter of warm water and keep it closed for 7-14 minutes. This tea may be applied as a face tonic and the sachets wasted may be used as a compress on the eye lids.

Take 250 ml at 5-7 a.m. when the activity of large intestine meridiane is maximum and at 1-3 p.m. when the activity of small intestine is maximum. After taking this tea for 2 weeks, the concentration may be enlarged - 1 glass of water for one sachet.

For weight-reducing: Drink after soaking 1 sachet of slimmmig tea  in one glass of warm water for 10 minutes and each sachet can be used several times.  Apply 2-3 times daily: at 5-7 a. m., at 1-3 p. m. and at 9-11 p. m. Consumption period - from 1 to 3 months.
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